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“Sakaling Hindi Makarating” Soundtrack Will Inspire You To Go On That Meaningful Journey

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Choose Philippines | Aug 01, 2017

Film is a truly powerful medium. It can sway people’s opinion, paint someone or someplace in either a good or bad light, and for a lot of people, inspire them to enjoy and experience life.

One film that showcases the power of film is 2016’s “Sakaling Hindi Makarating," a movie directed by Ice Idanan and stars Alessandra de Rossi, Pepe Herrera, and JC Santos. The film revolves around the character of Alessandra’s experiencing a heartbreak, and her journey to overcome it. 

Apart from the feature-length film, the production staff had also put their efforts into making a short music video of their endeavors in making the film. The music video, albeit short, showed audiences a glimpse of the process as to how a five-year film was created. Director Ice Idanan had made sure to include locales and destinations that were hard to reach, perhaps as a way to explore heartbreak even deeper, or perhaps simply to bring people’s attention to some beautiful yet unpopular places:


Zamboanga may not be a top-of-mind destination for visitors. However, over the years, travelers have—time after time—proven otherwise. Zamboanga is full of so many beautiful destinations, and because it's so unpopular, it feels as if every place is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!

The Yakan people are a true national treasure.



Another unpopular destination because the myths that surround the province is Siquijor. However, upon closer inspection, the only magic here is of a positive one: just look at its magical beaches and crystal-clear waters!

Let Siquijor enchant you!



Marinduque is a wonderful place; there's no doubt about that. However, it's also a place that's notoriously hard to go to. Despite that, once you finally plant your feet firmly on its fine sand beaches, you'll see that all the hard work and effort in going there was all worth it.

Welcome to your new favorite destination.


Ilocos Sur

Ilocos Sur and Norte are two favorite destinations for travelers in Luzon. However, the lengthy road trip is enough to put many people off. But as with many far-flung places, the culture, food, and warmth of the people are enough to keep you coming back. Not regularly though, because it's still pretty far away, but you will want to come back, regardless.

Adventure and history collide here in the land of the Ilocanos.



Many people claim that sunsets in Batanes are perhaps the best in the world. A bold claim, really, since almost anywhere in the Philippines, sunsets are all beautiful.  The charm of Batanes lies in its remoteness, being one of the most far-flung of the provinces in the country. Regardless of the ease (or difficulty) in reaching it, people still love visiting it, and aspire to land on its rocky shores, just to be able to finally experience that beautiful Batanes sunset.

A golden sun!


“Sakaling Hindi Makarating” is a poignant showcase of how the mere act of traveling around the Philippines is able to heal not only heartbreaks, closer to discovering one’s true self, outside of a relationship. Watch “Saanman” (sung by Alessandra de Rossi herself) in the montage of behind-the-scenes footage below:

Which of the destinations featured in the music video are you excited to visit? Write about it here on!

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