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6 Lovesome Beaches That Will Make You Fall In Love With Boracay All Over Again


Randè Daquiado
Randè Daquiado | Aug 11, 2017

Steady and calm at mornings while groovy and wild at night time. That’s the all-year round trademark ambiance of Boracay, a small island paradise situated northwest on the tip of Aklan province in the Visayas, known for its amazing pulverize white sand beaches which absolutely very well-known in the Philippines and the World. 


There are so many beaches to choose around Boracay. In fact, all of them have the same grade of flour-like white sand and it’s up to you whether you want the crowded or the peaceful one. Anyhow, if you don’t have an idea where to go and pick the right beach that suite your criteria, here’s the list of some of the beautiful beaches in the island.


Bulabog Beach

A stretch of long beach that rules the east side of Boracay. One of the two main beaches in the island. Kite and windsurfing are very popular around here and there are number of centers to in the area to book with. Though Bulabog beach is quite charmingly peaceful, it’s also a perfect spot for sunrise. For good vibes at night, check out the Lokal Bar.

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Tambisaan Beach

Situated further south of Bulabog beach, Tambisaan beach is a striking spot and one of the best diving site in Boracay. If you plan to do snorkeling activity, it’s great to do it here because of marine life abundance. By far, there are limited accommodations around the area.


Cagban Beach

Well-known as the Beach Port and one of the most scenic beaches in Boracay. Located just beside Cagban Pier, this small beach is really has a peaceful ambiance with colorful boats anchored on the shore and offers one the best gleaming sunset you’ll see from the island. Hanging out playing with the children here is a funny thing to do.


Ilig-iligan Beach

Another peaceful beach to be found in Boracay is the Ilig-iligan beach. A secret beach in the northeast side of the island which is not commonly known to tourists and swimming is the main activity here. Ilig-iligan beach is also a perfect place if you want a private-like setting. This is my favorite!

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Diniwid Beach

A small beach hiding just north of the popular White beach, Diniwid beach is such a great spot for relaxation away from its full packed neighbor. You might love to head to play volleyball or for sunset while dancing to the wild festive beat of local music groups.


White Beach

The famous of all the beaches in Boracay, the White beach is absolutely very crazy day and night. Expect the place to be fully crowded once you step closer to the beach. There are lots of beach activities you can do here and top picks are the Banana Boat and Parasailing. Sunset is very beautiful in White beach as far as nightlife is really wild and energetic.

Where to stay:

For budget type travelers, eyes on MNL Beach Hostel at Bulabog near Bulabog beach where AC dorm-type rooms (6-8pax) ranges from 300+ Php per night. The hostel has a lovely galley where you can make your coffee anytime and a billiard for playtime. Every Fridays, the hostel holds a party starting 5pm at the roof deck for free. If you want a refreshing cottage-type cheap stay, check the Frenz Hostel.


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Direct flights from Manila to Caticlan or Kalibo are widely available and in some other Philippine major cities. The cheapest way to get to Boracay is by sea travel from Batangas bound for Caticlan (10hours). From Caticlan, you need to take a motorboat (10-15mins – 25Php) bound for Boracay’s Cagban Pier. From Kalibo, take a bus for Caticlan (1.5 - 2 hours).

*Photos by: World & Wild


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