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Why Do Locals Regard Scallops As "Beggar Food" In Iloilo's Isla Gigantes?


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Aug 07, 2017

Setting foot on Isla Gigantes, one will be amazed by the thousands of scallops that are literally scattered on dirt roads and covered the cream shores around the island. It was as if you could have scallop almost every day! The shells were plucked fresh from the sea and not frozen— truly a great treat! The locals call the shells as “beggar food" since its cheaper than meat. 

Meanwhile, in the traffic-plague city of Manila, scallops are golden treasures. They are quite expensive and often found only in menus of fine dining restaurants.

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In Isla Gigantes, however, you’ll find the freshest and cheapest scallops and other kinds of seafood. The abundance of scallops in the island is quite astounding, as seen in the piled shells all over the area. 

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