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6 Islets Around Isla Gigantes To Amuse You On A Laidback Day


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Choose Philippines | Aug 09, 2017

At the northern east coast of Iloilo province lies the quiet town of Isla Gigantes. You would need a passenger boat from either 2 main ports of Bancal or Estancia to get here. This island is definitely very rural. Upon reaching its shores, forget about connecting to Internet. Roads are unpaved and farm animals are literally everywhere. Expect to smell the heady scent of the ocean mixed with the natural smell of goats, stray dogs, and roosters. Breath of fresh air after the smog of the city, if you ask me.

Isla Gigantes is surrounded by ravishing islets that will catch your full attention. Feel ecstatic everytime you hop from one island to other. Each has its own distinct characteristic that will make you speechless with wonder. 

This specific set of islands is guided by Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Inn. Destinations may vary depending with the weather conditions. 

Cabugao Island

Your Cabugao Island experience would not be complete without reaching the peak! The climb is easy since locals made a steady and safe stairway to reach the top. Marvel at the spectacular panoramic view of Cabugao Island.

Antonia Island

Antonia Island is very laidback. Aside from beach bumming along its cream shores, you may also opt to do snorkeling too!

Tangke Lagoon

A distinct yet fascinating water form, tangke lagoon will definitely be your favorite. 

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Bantigue Sandbar

Run, swim, or just simply enjoy the extensive stretch of pure milky sand of Bantigue. If it is high tide, the wonder of the crashing waves will leave you amazed.

Bulubadiang Island

At Bulubadiang Island, you will get to feast on the freshest seafood in the middle of the ocean, satisfying your cravings. 

Calubang Island

Calubang island is the smallest shore amongst other destinations, especially when tides are high. However, the smooth seashore surrounded by impeccable rocks is what will amuse you the most. It is the perfect spot to get that sunkissed skin while reading a book.

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