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7 Sweet Escapades Near Metro Manila To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

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Choose Philippines | Sep 07, 2017

If you live in the crowded and busy streets of Metro Manila, most of the time you long for something fresh and new. You want to set aside your daily views of towering buildings, congested streets, and moving vehicles. It’s totally exhausting to take a trip from a 2 km distance which will take about an hour to get to.

Good thing leisurely wandering unexplored destinations within the city’s vicinity need not to be expensive and extensive (as long as you leave early). We’ve got a list of waterfalls, mountain, river and beaches waiting for you to experience!

7 Lakes in Laguna

Have a quiet time with the calming view of the seven mystical lakes in San Pablo Laguna

Waterfalls at the Foot of Mt. Romelo

Release all your stress hormones while climbing the lush forest of Mt. Romelo. Feel extremely rejuvenated during the waterfall stopovers. 

Tinipak River Tanay Rizal

Take a quick stroll leading to Rizal’s majestic Tinipak river surrounded by immaculate boulders.

Colibra Island Pangasinan

A teeny weeny islet situated at the crystalline waters of Pangasinan. At Colibra Island, you’ll get your much awaited alone time while lying at its cream shorelines.

Death Pool Pangasinan

Unusually intriguing, Death Pool should be at the top of your list!! Would you dare to jump or explore its abyss?

Daranak and Batlag Falls Rizal

If natural showers and pools are the kind of destinations you're looking for, then head straight to Daranak and Batlag Falls!

Five Fingers Mariveles Bataan

The ultimate island hopping tour which consists of 7 destinations of pure lagoons, cliffs, coves and caves.

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