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Discover: Cantilan’s Mysted Rock Formations Is The Newest Attraction In Surigao Del Sur

Surigao del Sur

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 20, 2017

There are moments when you travel and find a special place that you do not want to share with rabid tourists. I'm referring to tourists who throw plastic anywhere, leave trash, explore restricted areas, or make noise enough to disturb the tranquility of the place and its residents.

Look what happened to the rock formations of Kapurpurawan.  There was a time when people were allowed to climb on it and appreciate the view from atop the rocks.  But through time, with repeated and numerous foot trails, and reported vandalisms, climbing on the rocks is now restricted.  

Even the oldest know work of art (petroglyphs) in the Philippines in Angono, Rizal, was not spared from vandalism. 

The most accessible now is the rock formations of Biri but then again, the local government is protecting it from denudation. 

In Barangay Bahangbahang, Consuelo, Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, rock formations dot its shore.  Only a few have been to the area and for now, it is a secret spot captured on cam by Cathe Duero, a Cantilangnon.  She has baptized the rock formations as "mysterious." Cathe will also serve as your tour guide to the place.

I have been fortunate that after touring the Cantilan islands in 2015, kayaking on the town’s emerald river, exploring Cantilan’s heritage houses, and trying out its newest hotel, she brought me to the area to see the amazing rock formations. 

The place is tranquil and far from the crowd of tourists.  There are differently shaped rocks that jut out into the sky and on its surfaces are remnants of the waves that have battered it through time.

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There are layers upon layers of rocks that look like they have been piled on top of each other and some that looked to have been toppled down.

You go from one rock to another on exposed coral reefs during low tide.  A crab might just make a surprise appearance and make you scream to break the silence.  

Bring water and snacks if you want to stay longer but do bring your trash back with you. Mysted Rocks is best explored during low tide. 

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How to get there:

From Manila, Cebu, or Davao, take the plane to Tandag and then the bus to Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.
It is an hour-long trip over one of the most beautiful coastal highways.
Take a private car or motorcycle to the old port where Barangay Bahangbahang, Consuelo, Cantilan is.

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