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10 Reasons That Make Camiguin—Isla Del Fuego—Amazing!


Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Nov 20, 2017
10 Reasons That Make Camiguin—Isla Del Fuego—Amazing!

Camiguin has always been a popular Philippine tourist attraction. Aside from white and black sand pebble beaches, underwater wonders, and its sweet lanzones and pastel, the Camiguinons welcome you warmly to the island. 

Camiguin’s 238 square kilometers packs a wallop when it comes to attractions. Here are just 10 things to do—In a day, you can go to 5 destinations and then save the remaining 5 for the next day. Going at it in one sweep would be tiring plus you won’t get to appreciate each destination.

So, let’s go hop on a moped bike (Php 800/day with driver) and start the tour. If you go around Mambajao, the motorela is the way to go. Fare starts at PhP8.

1.    Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan is a 250-meter fall that drops into a man-made pool that is perfect for wading. The water is very cold and may give you a shock after the motorcycle ride. Visitors have to pay only PhP30 to enjoy the sight. 

2.    Sunken Cemetery

Might be a creepy destination but the sight of the giant cross rising from the water is beautiful even more when dusk settles. Boat ride to cross the island would cost Php 100.

Some tourists opt to snorkel in the area as beautiful corals abound while some are just too scared to explore the underwater cemetery. 

Your boat guide would also serve as your photographer so give them a tip as a lot of them are good with camera angles and tricks. Do it for the 'gram! #FeedGoals as they say it. 

3.    Tanguines Lagoon

From the Benoni port, you will pass by the lagoon on your way to the capital town of Mambajao. You can go fishing or just laze around the restaurant and enjoy the calm water of the lagoon. 

4.    White Island

From up in the air, the white island looks like a fetus curling towards the island of Camiguin. It’s a stark white sand bar that is surrounded by coral reefs. Because of its lack of vegetation, it is best to go there early in the morning to avoid getting sunburn. (Boat rental is at Php 500 roundtrip. Environmental fee costs Php 40)

5.    Mantigue Island

For Php 550 boat rental for 4 hours, you can enjoy the azure waters of Mantigue by swimming or snorkeling. You might just get to meet a few turtles as the island is a favorite passageway for the gentle reptiles.

Pay the environmental fee of Php 20 and you can enjoy the whole island. Snorkeling fee is PhP50 and gears can also be rented but it is best to bring your own. 

6.    Camiguin Aviation

Get up early to fly with Captain Sean Clarke of Camiguin Aviation for the sightseeing and aero-adventure tour. It is going to be one exhilarating ride as you fly over the tourist spots of the island while trying the aero maneuvers at the same time. Things are going to be exciting as you see Mt. Hibok-Hibok and the other peaks surrounded by green lush rainforest and then circle over white sand beaches on islands set against the deep blue ocean.   

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7.    Kabila Giant Clams Sanctuary (Guinsiliban)

For an island province like Camiguin, the presence of giant clams and efforts to conserve it is a good environmental practice.  Giant clams are important indicators of a healthy marine environment. They contribute to the coral reefs as builders and shapers, food, and shelter for other underwater creatures. 


8.    Fiery Sunsets

The locals have a secret spot where they soak in the dying embers of the sun in a hot spring pool by the sea. Ask the locals for directions.

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9.    Crispy Dried Squid

The Poblacion in the town of Sagay produces the newest pasalubong from Camiguin—crisp and just a bit salty dried squid. Buying it could help a family augment their income and even send a child to school.   

10.    Lanzones Festival

Every October, the whole island celebrates its fruit for the gods—the Lanzones. Locals call it Buahan. The Camiguin lanzones are said to be the sweetest because of the rich volcanic soil that nourishes it.

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How to get there:
Manila to Camiguin (by plane)
There are several airlines with flights from Manila to Camiguin.

Cagayan de Oro to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Cagayan de Oro are available
•    Ferry from Cagayan de Oro to Benoni, Camiguin 

Bohol to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Bohol are available
•    Ferry from Jagna, Bohol to Benoni, Camiguin

Cebu to Camiguin (by plane then Roro)
•    Flights from Manila to Cebu are available
•    Ferry from Cebu City to Camiguin

Where to eat: The Beehive 

Where to Stay: Casa de Cutab 

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