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Kayumkuman Island: Paradise, Found Here In Basilan


Daryl Orillo
Daryl Orillo | Oct 18, 2017

Kayumkuman Island is a truly beautiful piece of paradise located in Masulo, Basilan.

It is a remote island, requiring over half an hour boat ride from the town pier. There are very few houses in the island, but is often uninhabited, as most of the people are either fishing or not in the area. 

What's charming about the island is its powdery white sand, almost similar to that of Boracay.

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The water is clear and there are many areas that are perfect for snorkeling, and with very few people, it's easy to feel that this entire island is all yours: no crowds, no photobombers, no loud people—everything is yours. Check the video above to find out more about this paradise! 

If you feel inclined to visit this place, coordinate with the tourism officer of Masulo Town and they will assist you in visiting this place. 

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