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Cebu, Boracay, Palawan: Voted As Most Beautiful Once Again!

Palawan, Aklan, Cebu

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Oct 19, 2017

International travel publication Condé Nast has created a reputation for itself for curating some of the best places the world has to offer: mountains in the Mediterranean, volcanic lands in the far north, and of course, bits and pieces of paradise in the east. For years, they’ve been traveling the world to show you where best to go, and unsurprisingly, they found themselves here in the Philippines once again.

Their recent publication ranked 30 of the best islands in the world outside the US in their 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards survey, and once more, unsurprisingly, the top three islands come from nowhere else but the Philippines.

Boracay, Philippines

The premier beach destination is, undeniably, a true gem, both for Filipinos and foreigners enamored with the country. It's unsurprising that it's constantly being praised by everyone who have come to experience its magic for themselves.


Cebu and Visayan Islands, Philippines

A relatively new addition to the Philippines' long list of beautiful islands, Cebu and its many nearby destinations have quickly taken over social media because of its rugged charm, delicious cuisine, and of course, wonderfully warm and hospitable people.


Palawan, Philippines

What else is there to say about Palawan? Its pristine waters, wonderful underwater atmosphere, and jagged rock formations seem to jump out straight from a fantasy novel. It's a destination that's difficult to put into words, so better experience it for yourself!

Much has been said about these three islands, especially here on Choose Philippines: we know and understand how wonderful the Philippines, and we constantly try to share this knowledge with the country and with the world—if you have yet to experience these places for yourself, now is the best time to do so!

Which of these paradisiacal islands have you been to? Share it over at!

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