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The Stunning Pink Beach Of Zamboanga City


Daryl Orillo
Daryl Orillo | Jun 01, 2018

Great Sta. Cruz Island is known for its pink beach, being one of the few pink beaches in the world, and being the pride of Zamboanga City. The island is 20 minutes away from the city and once you arrive in the island, you will see the beauty of this island. The pink beach will stun you because of its unique beauty. The water will invite you to swim because it is so clear. The beach is perfect for pinics because it has cottages and restrooms created by the city government. Also, seafood is really abundant in this area. There are locals selling their caught seafood and what you need to do to eat is to just select, pay, and eat! I loved my experience on this island. The place is so perfect to relax in, and the island itself limits tourists to protect the beauty of it. You're going to love it for sure! 

If you want to visit this wonderful place, coordinate with the tourism officer found in Paseo del Mar in Zamboanga City. They manage the island and they will help you to make your tour truly come to life. To know more about the details of our journey, watch the video above and for more videos like this, subscribe to my channel!

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