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Philippine Island Has The "Bluest Waters" In The World: TIME


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Choose Philippines | Nov 02, 2017

Palawan is quickly becoming a go-to destination not only for Filipinos, but for thousands of foreigners looking to catch a glimpse of paradise in their lifetime. In fact, Palawan—and its many beaches and lagoons—has been featured countless times in publication and travel websites, all saying the same thing: you need to visit this piece of paradise at least once in your life.

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Now, TIME shines their prestigious spotlight on Palawan, claiming that it’s a place where one could see the bluest of waters that the world can offer, showcasing it in a short video a minute and a half long.

The video also featured other destinations in China, the British Virgin Islands, and Slovenia. But, of course, we think that they saved the best for last, putting Palawan at the very end of the video, perhaps to emphasize it further? That’s what we think, at least.

Watch the wonderfully blue video here:

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