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Traveler Captures “Blissful Batanes” In These 15 Bewildering Photographs


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Choose Philippines | Jan 29, 2018

Batanes, simply put, is a wonderful place to be. If you’re someone who’s easily impressed by the stark wonders of nature, or if you’re in love with the idea of isolation with no technological distractions, Batanes is definitely a place that is bound to feel that’s built for you.

It’s a small island off the tip of Luzon that has seen very minimal human interaction over the years: sure, it has roads, a lighthouse, and a few stone huts here and there, but largely, it remains untouched by the gears of civilization. In fact, you won’t see any tall buildings here, the cellular reception is spotty at best, and starlit nights are a common occurrence because of the darkness.

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In it lies the charm of this small island: if you’re tired of seeing condos and malls, and would rather see endless rolling hills, rocky beaches, seaside cliffs, and a clear, blue sky, book a trip to one of the Philippines’ finest destinations.

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Photographer David Tamayo booked a trip to Batanes to see and capture its wonders for the first time, and fortunately and unsurprisingly, he wasn’t disappointed. See snippets from his travel on the gallery above. 

Photographed by James Tamayo

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