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Spend The Golden Hour at Dakit Dakit Islets


Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Aug 02, 2018
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Malapascua, the beautiful island situated at the northern tip of Cebu, boasts impeccable shorelines and abundant marine life. Mostly foreign divers flock their way to this part of the Philippines to explore its amazing depth through scuba diving and experience the provincial island life. 



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The small rock formations at the middle of the ocean near Malapascua mainland is known to be Dakit Dakit Islets. This simple boulders is the home of dozens of fishes and corals which lies beneath it. Go and explore this snorkelling spot during the day. And, for a more intimate trip, end your day by beholding the golden hues of the sun as it sets while you’re at the middle of the sea.



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Nearby Destinations

  • Laze around Mariquita Beach
  • Explore Malapascua Mainland
  • Dive the depths of Gato Island

How To Go Here:

  • Ride a passenger boat
  • From Malapascua main island, hop on a boat to bring you to Dakit Dakit
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