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List: Top 10 Most Beautiful PH Destinations Ranked By TIME'S Most Influential Person

Bohol, Cebu, Romblon, Negros Oriental

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Choose Philippines | Mar 02, 2018

It seems that everyone is talking about the Philippines these days. Whether it’s the politics, the food, the general atmosphere—it seems everyone is slightly interested to know more about the Philippines, and experience a bit of it for themselves.

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In fact, Christian LeBlanc, a highly-successful vlogger from Canada and recipient of TIME’s 2006 Most Influential Person in the World Award, did exactly that—spending over four months in the Philippines on more than one occasion to see and experience this tropical paradise for himself. In his travels around the country, he was able to discover and showcase a few pieces of paradise, including, but not limited to…

The elusive Cresta de Gallo of Romblon

For the longest time, Romblon was only known for its marble. However, in recent times, and after being discovered by intrepid travelers, much more of its wonders came to light.


The entirety of Bohol

Bohol is more than just tarsiers and Chocolate Hills, but if you want to see just those, don't be discouraged! But make sure to check out everything else, too!


Cebu’s wonderful Bantayan

Bantayan, as a Filipino word translated into English means to safeguard. If we're going with that logic, it only means that you should stand by this wonderful place and safeguard its many natural wonders!


LeBlanc visited so much more of the Philippines, and he quickly compiled footage from his travels into one video. Watch Lost LeBlanc’s stunning video here:

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