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The 3 Wonderful Islands Of Burias Will Please Your Adventurous Spirit


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Choose Philippines | Feb 15, 2018

Composed of three unique islets, Burias Island in San Pascual, Masbate isn’t exactly a destination many have in their bucket lists. The islets, made up of Tinalisayan, Sombrero, and Animasola, aren’t exactly the easiest to reach, as they’re mostly detached from the Masbate mainland, and since the volume of tourists visiting is relatively low, hailing a ride to any of the islets isn’t an easy feat.

However, what it lacks in comfort, it easily makes up for in splendor and excitement: the three islets look as if they were borne from another world, and the surprising lack of tourists would easily make you believe so!

San Pascual’s Sombrero island is easily the most favored, and often the most popular because of its cerulean views of the ocean. This usually makes it the first stop for many tourists visiting this destination for the first time.

The second islet many often visit is Tinalisayan: its vast sandbars are perfect for laying down your beach blankets and picnicking on the beach, of course, provided that the tides are low enough. However, should the tides not be in your favor, the islet is still a wonderful place to stroll and frolic on.

Of course, one must save the best islet for last, and Animasola is perhaps one of the best you’ll see in the Philippines. It’s the islet that many often describe as otherworldly, with its strange and unique rock formations. Because of this, you might want to consider setting aside an entire day to explore and experience this wonderful slice of paradise for yourself!

If this made you want to see Burias’ magical islets, check out the gallery above!

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