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Bonbon Beach: A Paradise Nearby Boracay Is Just Waiting To Be Explored


Daryl Orillo
Daryl Orillo | Mar 15, 2018

Romblon, for the longest time, has been one of the most underrated provinces in the Philippines. Many attribute this to the fact that it is near Boracay, but offers less in terms of excitement. However, once you see and experience it, you will see that that is not the case.

The province is composed of three major islands: Sibuyan, Romblon, and Tablas. In fact, Romblon alone has many things to offer such as Puerza de san Andres and Bonbon Beach.

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Puerza de San Andres, built during the Spanish era, was used to safeguard the Filipinos of the time Today, it is one of the major destinations showcasing the past of Romblon.

Another wondrous destination worth visiting is Bonbon Beach, offering tourquoise clear waters, a beautiful stretch of white sand, and a breeze that simply tells you: summer na!

This is just a few of what Romblon has to offer. There are several other tourist destinations waiting to be discovered. For more videos, subscribe to the Bakasyun Ni Juan channel.

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