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Apo Island: The Home Of Humble Pawikans

Negros Oriental

Choose Philippines
Choose Philippines | Jun 21, 2018
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Pronounced as A-pó aka grandchild, this 72-hectare island is a separate baranggay of Dauin Negros Oriental. Apo Island is prominent for being one of the best dive sites in the world boasting macro species. Moreover, it is one of the best marine protected area in the country and a loving home to sea turtles or pawikan.



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There are three kinds of sea turtles which can be spotted with around 6 feet in depth. As you leisurely swim around, try to differentiate the green sea turtle, hawksbill turtle, and the leather back turtle. Have the time of your life swimming with these humble marine reptiles in the turquoise blue waters of Apo Island.


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How To Go Here

  • Upon arriving at Sibulan Airport, ride any public transportation to Dauin
  • Then, ride a passenger boat to Apo Island
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