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Look: Pray Stations Of The Cross At Pangasinan's Paradise-like Cabo Island


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Choose Philippines | Mar 26, 2018

For some people, Holy Week is a chance to spend time with their family. Unknown to many, there are spots in the country where you can spend precious time with your loved ones while observing Holy Week practices. 

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Get that much needed time off at the beach while doing the Stations of the Cross. Take time to reflect at a secluded island in Burgos, Panagasinan. The island has empty shorlines perfect for lazing around while enjoying the breathtaking view of the seascapes. 

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How To Get Here

  • From Manila you may ride a bus heading to Alaminos or Lingayen 
  • From Alaminos, ride a public transportation to Burgos
  • From Burgos, ride a tricycle or jeep to Cabongaoan Beach

Nearby Destinations

  • Rent a pump boat that will bring you to Colibra Island
  • Walk or rent another boat to experience the Death Pool
  • Head over to Alaminos Pangasinan for the prominent Hundred Islands national park
  • Go waterfalls hopping at Bolinao Pangasinan
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