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LOOK: Davao Oriental's 6 Amazing Beaches, Without The Crowds!

Davao Oriental

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | May 07, 2018
LOOK: Davao Oriental's 6 Amazing Beaches, Without The Crowds!

Davao Oriental has a total land area of 5,164 square kilometers.  Its coastline is bounded by the Pacific Ocean in the East and Davao Gulf and Celebes Sea in the South.  Given these boundaries, Davao Oriental’s coastline is a plethora of limestone rock formations and beaches of black, white, cream, and pink sand from powdery soft to pebblish.

On its deep blue water are islands ranging from hundreds of hectares to just a hundred-meter sand bars where the white sand beaches are commonplace.

It is no wonder that Davao Oriental’s municipalities of Boston, Cateel, Baganga, Caraga, Manay, Tarragona, Banaybanay, Lupon, San Isidro, Governor Generoso and its capital, Mati City are fast becoming must go to destinations for water sports like swimming, surfing and skimboarding and other water activities.

Let us check out six of the beaches that Choose Philippines Mindanao has been to:  

1.    Creamsand Long Beach, Cateel

Cateeleños have considered the long beach as their best-kept secret.  Straddling the barangays of Barangay San Antonio and Barangay Baybay, it stretches 9 kilometers with a beach line ranging from grey to midnight black sand and the awesome infinite horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

Place to go: Higadan Creamsand Beach. Dot Veroy, who owns the place, has constructed tepees if you want to stay overnight or you can bring your own tent and set up camp on the shore.  

You can skimboard, surf, dip and swim and beach comb. No crowd, no noise, no garbage—just the sight of the pounding of the waves on the black shore.  Video

2.    Pilot’s View Beach Resort, Baganga 

Location: Salingcomot, Baganga

On the day that we were in Pilot’s Beach, the whole stretch of white sand was to ourselves. The sun was high and blistering but the cottages and the vegetation provided shade. The waves pounding on the reef breaks creating the white foam that breaks the endless shades of blue water was a sight to behold.

There was no videoke blaring, and no crowds to mar the sight of the blue sea. Yes, you can say it was beach bliss.

3.    Pujada Island, Mati   

For just 200 pesos, you now have access to a 156-hectare island paradise of creamy white sand, waving palm trees that is surrounded by deep and clear, clean turquoise water. 

Dolphins might just accompany your ride to the island or from it. You can also watch them frolic in the deep end of the water while standing on the shore.

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4.    Dahican Beach, Mati

Dahican is now the most popular among the beaches in this list. For one, it is the most accessible and has the most number of activities that you can do. Skimboarding and beach volleyball competitions are now being held in this 7-kilometer strip plus the summer beach party, summer frolic.

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5.    Mahoc Beach, Cateel

Just along the highway between Cateel and Baganga is this stretch of white sand cove with lush green vegetation on the other side while facing the blue sea. It is called enchanted by the locals as they believe it is inhabited by engkanto or supernaturals.

6.    Parola Pink Sand Beach, Governor Generoso

Just like the more popular Pink Sand Beach of Zamboanga, what makes the sand pinkish is the combination of the red corral and the white sand.  It may be a short stretch but the mix of pinkish sand, blue sea, and the absence of the crowd makes it a haven. The sight of the three lighthouses of Cape San Agustin and the site of the first mass called the Altar are pluses before and after the beach.

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Wherever you go, please do not litter. Bring a bag for your trash and when you get to the city or where there are proper receptacles, dispose them properly.

How to get there:
Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.
To get to Mati City, take the bus/van or private vehicle.  Travel time: 3 hours.  You can take the San Isidro exit for Governor Generoso.
To get to Cateel, Boston, Baganga, take the bus/van or private vehicle to Compostela Valley and on to Davao Oriental. Travel time: 4-5 hours.

Which is your favorite Davao beach? Share it over on, or post it with the hashtag #ChoosePhilippines!

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