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Boracay Update #2: A Positive Outlook


Belle Piccio
Belle Piccio | May 30, 2018
Boracay Update #2: A Positive Outlook
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The 1,032 hectare island is home to more than 75,000 locals. It only has 3 main villages: Balabag at the center, Manoc-Manoc in the south and Yapak in the northern portion. As more tourists arrive, the number of workers rises as more establishments and hotels rises. Last 2017, tourist arrivals reached the 2M mark according to the Department of Tourism. With the population ballooning to more than 91,000 during the day, it is already typical to see an overcrowded beachfront.


But closing the island for 6 months that started last April 26, 2018, you’ll get to wonder how will the island keep up?

Another friend who has been working in Boracay shared her experience.

Tiffany Somes is a marketing and communications officer for 1.5 years at Ferra Hotel.

Tiff’s team has been regularly monitoring the news and getting in-touch with their connections at airlines, LGU and partners. So when the news broke that Boracay will be closed already have an idea about it but not yet sure as to when and how long.

The company Tiff is working with already started a communication plan for their hotel workers and guests even before the official announcement was released.

When the official announcement was made the company had a series of meetings. Their first main concerns were about its people who will be displaced and retained in the hotel.

Hotel's staff group photo during the first day of Boracay's closure.

We had to work out the skeletal as well as what do we do with the workers who will be displaced. We didn’t want them to be displaced without income for 6 months so we had to make sure of their well-being first.

They also list tasks that they can all do to minimize expense, etc.

We were clouded with the plans but we just kept the faith that this will be for the better.

It was tough for them as they had to communicate with company partners and most especially guests with upcoming stays in their hotel. They had to assure them that they will be refunded.

The team's communication sation where all inquiries, cancellation and refund requests were answered and catered to give guests an opportunity to book for other destinations.

It was full of pressure as our hotel and restaurant are number 1 in TripAdvisor and we had to maintain that until the island closes, like a graceful and honorable exit for us.

To help their displaced employees due to the island’s closure, they contacted other hotels and partners where they could temporarily forward their manpower. This is to make them feel and making sure that their financial security comes first.

When Boracay closed on April 26 up until now, you’ll find a lot of changes already.

The beach looks wider and cleaner. You can get a panoramic shot of the beach and the beautiful sunset without anyone or anything blocking the way. According to Tiff it feels like the island was able to breath again.

There are also ongoing constructions for the widening of the island’s main road.

The best part of the closure was that hotels and establishments cooperated with each other to save the island. It could have been worst but because of everyone’s cooperation, things seemed easier.

They are looking forward and already excited to reopen Boracay with wider roads and better beach area after its rehabilitation.

They believe that it is a lesson for everyone to love Boracay more and to take care of the island they call home before it’s too late.

We will see you again Boracay!
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