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Calaguas Island: Endless Stretches Of White, Blue, And Green

Camarines Norte

Tine Salangsang
Tine Salangsang | Jun 01, 2018
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Last May 18 to 20, my friends and I went to and explored the beautiful Island of Calaguas. 

The small yet picturesque island is situated in the beautiful province of Camarines Norte, a little around 10 hours away from Manila. Though that might seem like a long time, but trust me—it will all be worth it.

The island has clear blue water, beautiful white sand, and amazing landscapes. It's a place often overlooked, but once you see how beautiful it is—especially without the crowd—you'll be thankful nobody knows about it!

Make sure to check out the video above to have an idea as to what exactly Calaguas has to offer. Happy travels!

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