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Summer is Forever in This Off-Radar Beach in Davao Oriental

Davao Oriental

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jun 08, 2018
Summer is Forever in This Off-Radar Beach in Davao Oriental
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I grew up with a black sand beach right in my city of Davao.  Weekends were a treat when dad would say the magic word, beach. And as soon as my feet would touch the sand and I get to frolic in the water, there was no getting out of the water and even lunch or snacks would have to be coaxed.

I did not get to see and be on a white sand beach until I was in High School and the nearby Samal Island was just a boat ride away.

White sand beaches with fewer crowds now became my new standard for a beautiful beach.  But every now and then a black sand beach takes my breath away.

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Davao Oriental with its diverse coastline has given me six beaches that defy my idea of a beach and even added a grass-covered and black iron sand beach

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Included in the list is Pilot Beach of Salingcamot, Baganga, Davao Oriental where I was transported back to that time when I could freely walk on a white sand beach without running into crowds.

Pilot Beach is a beach lover’s haven with huts and cottages set back far from the shore allowing you to frolic in the sand.  Just be careful not to stay too long in the heat of the sun.

The waves on the water can be quite big and would be good for surfers.

Whatever you do at Pilot Beach, whether you have a handful of friends with you or just a little, you still get the feeling that you own the beach; that solitude is yours with the sound of the waves rushing to the shore as your music.  

How to get there:
Major airlines fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu.  From Davao City, take the Bachelor Bus to Baganga, Davao Oriental.
Address: Baybay Bobon, Salingcamot, Baganga, Davao Oriental

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