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This Island Paradise Brings Us Back To Our Muslim Roots


Daryl Orillo
Daryl Orillo | Jul 20, 2018
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Simunul is a municipal in the island of Tawi-Tawi where Islam in the Philippines originated. In fact, in the year 1380, Sheik Makdum brought the Islam in The Philippines and the first mosque was established here. That is why Simunul is one of the most visited municipalities in Tawi-Tawi. It is considered as one of the the most important landmark in the Philippines especially for our Muslim brothers and sisters.



Alhamdulillah! Blessed feeling inside the oldest Mosque in the Philippines..

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There are several lagoons found in the island that are perfect for swimming. The second biggest crocodile that was captured in the Philippines after Lolong is also in this island. You can visit the crocodile at the public park.



There are also several islands to visit such as Siangay Siapo and the island of La. These islands are beautiful and should be visited by tourists in the Philippines.


You'll also see that most of the people live by the water. They rely on the sea resources for daily living.


Simunul is beautiful. It gave me a fresh perspective in life  because I learned how to live simply and to believe more in our Creator.  

Watch the video above to see more of my experience staying in Simunul, Tawi tawi.

For more videos about TawiTawi and other nearby provinces, visit Bakasyun Ni Juan channel. Enjoy watching!

Cover Image by  Ian Duazo IG @timawang.gala

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