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See It First Here: Discover 3 Secret Spots In Samar Island!


Maui Sanvictores
Maui Sanvictores | Dec 05, 2019

We fly, or sail if you prefer it Moana-style, to an island in the Eastern Visayas Region, where adventures are relatively innocuous but thrilling and enthralling nonetheless, especially after watching the Samar episode of Unlisted in iWant TV! Apart from the amazing experiences of Robi and Sue, we also found three other provinces to explore - the Eastern Samar, Northern Samar, and Samar. 

Lulugayan Falls and Lusungan Falls

Located in Barangay Balagon and Barangay Pandol, respectively, in the town of Canavid, Eastern Samar are two refreshing waterfalls that run along Ulot River - the longest river in the province connecting Eastern Samar to Samar. These waterfalls are only two out a hundred that the island possesses, that is why a visit to these two would probably make you want to visit all the others.

Photo Credit: Baste Fuentes PomarejosCaption

Matikawol Falls

Situated in one of the secret towns of Northern Samar, visitors can indulge in the wonders of this sapphire-toned waterfall. Let the ice-cold, crystal-clear Matikawol Falls allure you into visiting the town of Gamay which is a 2-hour ride from Catarman.

Photo from Allaney Ada

Sila Point

Located a few kilometers from the town of Gamay, Cabarasan and Dao, this point at the east coast of Northern Samar is a thing that could’ve popped out of your computer desktop -the panorama of endless seas studded with limestone rock formations is surreal, making perfect stills.

Photo Credit: Ernil Justine Apostol


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