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The Pinusilan of Northern Samar

Northern Samar

Mark Rodel dela Rosa
Mark Rodel dela Rosa | Sep 12, 2013
The Pinusilan of Northern Samar

The road to Mapanas, Northern Samar is challenging. There are steep areas wherein you’d imagine yourself as if dropping on a roller coaster. Another thing that gives adrenaline rush is the bumpy dirt road that is very dusty in dry season and muddy in wet season. Regardless of the thrilling journey to Mapanas, a rewarding scenery awaits.

Pinusilan Rock Formation in Brgy. Magtaon is approximately 250 meters from the shore. One has to cross an expanse of rock pools to make it to the far edge where Pinusilan is located. A natural lagoon sits beside Pinusilan; the dark blue water in it indicates unfathomable depth.

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