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A low-lying island: Camotes Island


Enzo Lacap | Apr 18, 2013

By Glench

Camotes Island is located east of Cebu Island, the central part of the Philippines, West and south of Leyte Island, and north of Bohol Island. Camotes consists of four islands, Pacijan Island or San Francisco town, Poro Island that includes Poro and Tudela town, Ponson Island, where you can find the town of Pilar, and a tiny Tulang Island. The islands of Pacijan and Poro are connected by a paved road.

Camotes are low-lying islands. There is only one hill on Pacijan and another hill on Poro. These hills are used by a telecommunications company for relay stations. Pacijan has a fresh-water lake around two kilometers in length. Palm trees are the dominant plant on the islands.

There are also numerous native varieties of fruit trees and other plants. In these islands, you can find variety of white sand beaches and tourist attractions that you will enjoy.

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