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CAGWAIT “KAGandahang WAlang ITutumbas” (a beauty like no other)

Surigao del Sur

Almer Casio
Almer Casio | Sep 16, 2013

We have Boracay, we have Palawan, we have Puerto Galera, now introducing CAGWAIT pronounced as “” syllabicated or abbreviated as “KAGandahang WAlang ITutumbas”, a fresh soothing beach that will catch every tourists best ever scenic views in the Philippines.

This new wonder of the Philippines has its distinct attraction that other beaches in the country don’t have.

The waves that invites every wakeboarders or even surfers will give them more fun and unforgettable experience. Adventurers who wants to discover the beauty of deep below this sea will amazingly entice every single moments of your discovery. Sands, beaches, corals, rock formations, and green environment that surrounds the area only shows that Cagwait is blessed by God. The warm hospitality of every residents is one thing that every tourist who loved new discoveries to consider.

If you are from far area, there are three destinations to consider for an easy and convenient travel, either you landed in Davao City Airport, Butuan City Airport, or Surigao City Airport, from that place just take a bus ride going to Tandag City and tell the bus personnel that you are going to Cagwait for them to assist you where to stop. Or if you are from Manila wishes to go directly by airplane to Tandag City, you may fly from Manila via Cebu to Tandag City Airport. Tandag-Cebu-Tandag flights cater few weekly schedules to accommodate tourists and visitors in Surigao del Sur. There in Tandag City, ask for a 30 minute land travel going to Cagwait.

And so you are here in Cagwait, welcome and enjoy your stay!

Photo courtesy by: Justine Villalobos Gloria, Jojie Alcantara, Cecilia Labustro, Abraham Pitos

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