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Boracay Island


Kit Cruz | Oct 14, 2013
Boracay Island

Boracay has nothing to prove anymore in what it can offer, but first-time travelers to the island may need specific information that will paint a better, more detailed picture of the fun and thrill in store. Below are some that will help visitors get to know more about the beautiful island of Boracay.

What makes Boracay exciting to visit?

The fact that this island has received several recognitions from international travel magazines may be enough a response to the question. However, for the sake of being specific, Boracay is a little paradise in the southeast that is made available for the world to visit. It has white-sand beaches that have the finest sands nature has developed, a beautiful landscape that allows travelers to experience both the mountain and the sea, and friendly locals and numerous tourists to add ease and action to anyone's vacation. With no shortage of recognitions and awards, Boracay's beauty is left to the eyes of the traveler.

What are the general survival tips for first timers?

Boracay is a friendly island for tourists, but one basic thing travelers need to know about Boracay is the presence of three boat stations. Station 1 has a concentration of high-end hotels and resorts; Station 2 concentrates daytime and nighttime activities; and Station 3 has a few accommodations but is much quieter than the other two. Going around the island is possible through several means, such as by foot, by tricycle, by motorbike, or by private vehicle.

When doing activities in Boracay, having cash and coins at all times is paramount. This is especially important when paying for transportation since some drivers may pretend not to have smaller bills or coins for change. Of course, the fundamentals still apply, including bringing of digital cameras to capture moments, putting on sunblock, and planning a comprehensive itinerary based on your personality and tastes.

What are the best travel tips?

Since Boracay is a famous tourist spot, summertime is normally packed with locals and tourists. This is also the best time to go due to the conducive weather for getting into action with the numerous water activities. The foremost tip is to have a prior booking with one of the beach resorts in Boracay in order to avoid wasting time searching for accommodation upon arrival. Since hotter months are the peak of tourism on the island, hospitality businesses—hotels, villas, and resorts—tend to be full and costlier. So, it is wiser to get discounted accommodation and airfare deals months or even a year ahead.

What are in store for travelers after sunset?

One memorable image of Boracay happens at night when activity on the waters goes quiet and action is transferred to the shores. Nightlife on the island bustles with party-goers. The lines of restaurants and bars cater to all tastes and set dancing lights free to add life to the party scene. For those wanting less noise, some resorts host special nights where bands perform and special delicacies are served. The good thing is, some of these resorts allow outsiders to experience their event as a form of invitation to book with them in their next travel to the island.

Getting to know everything about Boracay requires time and experience—exactly what expats have invested in when they settled in the island for good. Some of them loved the island so much that they even partnered with locals in establishing a business. However, for those who plan for only a short-term visit, coming with an experienced friend or hiring a guide could make the vacation so much better.

Author bio: I am Kit Cruz of TheBoracayBeach. Travelling and photography are my hobbies. I write articles about Boracay beach of the Philippines and share what this world class beach can offer – sharing some travel tips, latest news and updates, hotel reviews and more.

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