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Island Hopping in Siargao (Naked, Dako and Guyam Islands)

Surigao del Norte

Kaiser Mangampo
Kaiser Mangampo | Oct 27, 2013

Most people know Siargao as the Surfing Capital of the Philippines, but did you know that Siargao has more to offer aside from its mighty waves and surfing activities?

One of the main reasons why people visit Siargao is its pristine waters that are abundant with the most beautiful aquatic species in the world. Moreover, Siargao offers other scenic spots aside from the waters and the fishes.

Island hopping is one of the main activities most tourists do when they visit Siargao. There are three popular islands visited here in Siargao: Naked, Dako and Guyam Islands. The names of these islands are connected to their unique characteristics. For example, Naked Island is named so because it is purely a bar of white sand and nothing else. On the other hand, Dako Island is called so because it is the biggest among the three. “Dako” is the local dialect’s term for big.

More pictures and information about the three islands here:

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