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Hoy, Panga! (Pun Intended!)

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Feb 04, 2014

What is it about having beer with friends that gives birth to a brilliant idea such as naming your business, “Hoy, Panga!”?

This is what happened amongst buddies who thought of grilling tuna panga (jaw), belly, and shonga (siopao na panga ng tuna) with the three “M”s in mind: malinis, masarap at mura, or, in English, tuna products which are clean, delicious, and affordable.

Nicky Sering acts as the group’s general manager and product development officer, and rightly so because of his culinary background. He carefully mixes choice ingredients for the sauce to be used to marinate and brush on the grilled tuna. He also carries out the initial product and taste tests.

Everything is locally sourced, from the freshest tuna that comes from Davao City's Toril Port, to its grillers -- both the person manning it and the machine to grill the tuna.

Instead of using charcoal, Hoy, Panga! uses ceramic briquettes that are more environment-friendly, as they're more efficient at conducting heat thus requiring less gas to operate and requires fewer refills.

Can we add another “M” to their company mantra? M for "Maalaga sa kapaligiran" (careful for the environment). But for now, this business is being true to their 3 Ms.

Grilled delicious tuna is available at affordable prices:

  • Mini Panga PhP99
  • Regular Panga Php150
  • Mega Panga Php250
  • Belly PhP199
  • Shonga (siopao na panga ng tuna) PhP15 each.

The shonga is less "malansa," or having that distinct taste or smell of fish, considering that it is fish and the pao is steamed just right. You can have barbecue, hot and spicy and regular sauce for your shonga.

From September 2013 to February 2014, Hoy, Panga! already has 10 stores all over Davao City offering Tuna Panga and Shionga. The grilled Tuna Buntot (tail) is in the process.

Given that record, the next time you and your friends are bonding over bottles of beer or alcoholic drinks, don’t just have fun. Maybe you can also come up with brilliant business ideas like Hoy, Panga!

Don’t worry, Hoy, Panga! is not exclusive to citizens of Davao City…they accept orders from Manila or Cebu, and they will send the products from airport to airport (bulk orders please). Soon they will be opening a store in Metro Manila.

How To Get There:

Philippine Airlines flies four times daily to Davao City from Manila. Other major airlines also have daily flights to Davao from Manila and Cebu and other key cities.

Travel time is an hour and 50 minutes from Manila, and 50 minutes from Cebu.

Taxi flag down rate is Php 40 and jeepney fare starts at Php 8.

Davao City Hoy, Panga! store locations: Ma-a, Dacudao, Bacaca, Damosa, Sasa, Diversion Road, Buhangin, Skyline, Sandawa, Ecoland and the main office at Buhangin near Ladislawa gate.

Store Hours: 9:00am-9:00pm

Contact Numbers: 639215506090/ 639427385814

Visit and like their website at http://www.hoypanga or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hoy-PANGA/342544022547590.

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