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Queen Noodle: Pancit Cabagan of Isabela


Berniemack Arelláno
Berniemack Arelláno | Mar 24, 2014
Queen Noodle: Pancit Cabagan of Isabela

It's a noodle dish with chopped crispy lechon kawali, pork igado (pork liver stew), vegetables, hard-boiled quail egg, and then smothered in savory thick sauce.

You can add up soy sauce, squeeze some calamansi extract for tangy taste, and some chopped onions.


What surprised us is that for a big bowl of pancit, it only cost us Php 50 (as of December 2013)!

Find out where you can have your bowl of Pancit Cabagan at HabagatCentral.com.

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