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Did You Know: 10 Unique and Delectable Tribal Dishes from Mindanao

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 30, 2015
Did You Know: 10 Unique and Delectable Tribal Dishes from Mindanao


Going for a tribal food diet is as simple as having camote, mais, and saging in your backyard. 




These root crops, which are mostly organic, can be boiled and used as ingredients for other dishes. 

The following 3 L'lulot dishes are from Davao Oriental and cooked by the Mandaya tribe. On the other hand, Lyurot is a dish prepared by the Mansaka Tribe in Compostela Valley. Hito or mudfish is the main ingredient used for Lyurot Na Ito. 

L’lulot na Baboy (Pork)

L’lulot na Manok (Chicken)

L’lulot na Pasayan (Shrimp)


Lyurot na Ito

Both L’lulot and Lyurot dishes are cooked in bamboo chambers. 


Known to be a Mansaka tribe delicacy, Panyalam is cooked deep fried using ingredients such as powdered rice, sugar, and coconut milk. The Mansaka tribe is indigenous to Compostela Valley. 


Yombol’l, a delicacy from Mandaya tribe, is made by cooking an ample portion of rice wrapped in leaves. 


Another delectable delicacy is Amik. Ingredients such as powdered rice and coconut milk are poured unto coconut shells that have holes in them in order to form the unique shape of amik. 


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