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Your Fave Street Food for Only 5 Pesos Per Stick? Davao Oriental Has It!

Davao Oriental

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Jul 15, 2016
Your Fave Street Food for Only 5 Pesos Per Stick? Davao Oriental Has It!

There are places in the Philippines where barbecued meats are popular.  Cebu has Larsian and General Santos City has Tiongson Arcade

In Cateel, Davao Oriental, there is VLanz in Dacuycuy Street.

The grilling stand started with a few pieces of fish that were left over from the day’s “lako”.  The smell of grilled fish would waft through the street and people would come over and request for other grilled treats like pork and chicken barbecue, and the like.  That is how V’Lanz Barbecue of Cateel became popular for Cateeleños and visitors.

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There’s an area where you choose from the following: pork barbecue, pork chorizo, pork liver, chicken thigh, breast, gizzard, liver, feet, intestines, hotdogs and fish.

After your order is taken, it goes to the grilling area where a cloud of smoke constantly hovers.

While waiting for your order, you can go inside the building and sing a few songs on the videoke or if its take out, wait for just a few minutes.

Your barbecued meat will be dipped in sauce before being served.

For 100 pesos, you can have a variety of barbecued chicken, pork and fish meats plus rice and a bottle of soda.

So how’s that for affordability?

How to Get There:

PAL and Cebu Pacific fly daily to Davao City from Manila and Cebu. Cateel is 5 hours away by land from Davao City.

Take the bus from Davao City via the Compostela Valley Road or Mati Road. Bus Lines (Mallen Express, Lyra Express, Floremel Express and Bachelor Express) have daily trips to Cateel from the Davao City Overland Transport Terminal.

Fare is Php270. Private vehicles can take the Compostela Valley Road or Mati Road straight to Cateel proper.

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