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These 6 Places Will Make You Want to Witness Mayon's Eruption In Person


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Choose Philippines | Sep 24, 2014

Albay province has released a Mayon tourism advisory, assuring tourists a safe stay and safe travel despite the impending eruption of Mayon (consequent to the Philippine Volcanology and Seismology's hoisting of Alert Level 3 over the volcano).

The local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) authorities assured that Albay’s capital Legazpi City remains perfectly safe for holding of conventions, gatherings, and similar activities.

Reasons to Push Through With Your Albay Trip:

1) Legazpi City is located outside the designated 6-kilometer permanent and even the 8-kilometer extended danger zones.

2) More visitors and tourists are flocking to Legazpi City and neighboring localities to witness from a safe distance (and at the ideal viewing points) the glowing crater and picturesque volcano as it spews lava.

3) Because you won't be able to resist these "5 Must-Eats in Albay: From From Chili Ice Cream to the Smallest Fish."


4) With Mayon's present condition, air, land, and sea travels are still safe.

In case of an ash explosion, the ash fall is expected to drift westward (with the prevailing wind direction of the southwest monsoon), thus posing no danger to air and land travel going in and out of Legazpi City.

In case of lava flow, it's projected to go the direction of the southeast quadrant of the volcano and confined to gulleys that extend less to less than 6 kilometers -- this is very far from the business center of Legazpi City.

Where to Safely View Mayon in All Its Glowing Glory:

1) Ligñon Hill


2) Cagsawa Ruins


3) Daraga Church


4) Legazpi City Boulevard



5) Taysan Hills


6) Quituinan Hills


What Not to Do:

The following tourism activities, however, are strictly prohibited:

  • ATV ride activities going toward Mayon volcano;

  • Mayon climbing/trekking;

  • Playing golf at the Doña Pepita golf course; and

  • All other recreational/exploratory activities within the PDZ and EDZ.


For further inquiries, please call PTCAO at (52) 742-0250/742-0421.

[Information source: Gov. Joey Sarte Salceda of Albay.]

[Photos courtesy of Bryan Jao a.k.a. Bicolano Man.]

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