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This Mountain Climber Took it to Greater Heights Without Ropes


Adelle Pauline
Adelle Pauline | Feb 27, 2015

It’s been a long while since I opened and wrote for this blog. I have been to a lot of travels and adventures last year but I got too lazy to blog/write about them. I guess everyone will come to a point in your life that you will just give up, BUT it is NEVER too late to do it again (hence this post).

2014 has been a crazy wonderful ride for me. I went to a lot of places; Bicol, Baler, Batad, and Banaue to name a few. This year, I promise myself that I will go on an out of town trip or climb a mountain at least once a month, just to get away from the busy life in the Metro.

Last January, my friend, DD and I went to Mt. Pamitinan in Rodriguez, Rizal (former Montalban). We met at Cubao, near Gateway area and rode an FX going to Eastwood in Rizal (not the one in QC/Pasig area). We arrived at Wawa Dam at exactly 7:00 am and there we met our guide named Ogie. After few minutes of preparation, we then embarked on our activity.

Mt. Pamitinan as viewed from the jump-off point

Our jump-off started at Sitio Niño by crossing a hanging bridge and passing by several houses thru stairs. According to our guide, rock scrambling is a common activity in the area. He showed us several rock climbing spots specially designed for beginners and advance climbers. After an hour, we arrived at the half-mark spot where you can take photos.

Dd and I braving the rocks

Knowing our strength and ability to climb mountains, Dd and I could have conquered this mountain in a shorter time but since we are joined by another group of mountaineers who are composed of mostly beginners, our time has been compromised. The original plan is to reach the summit in 2 hours but since there is another group, we didn’t have any choice but to at least follow their pace. Good thing about that is we met new people with different walks of life but with a common goal, to reach the summit.

“Because’, she said, ‘when you’re afraid but you still do it anyway, that’s brave.”

We eventually reached the summit and all the hardships were worth it. The view was spectacular. But one should also know that the area on the summit is relatively small and can only accommodate a few number of people. Take precautions and always remember that your safety is the number one priority. As I always say, “Safety first before selfie.”

Reaching the summit. Photo by DD Abella.

This was my first climb/adventure for the year 2015. I felt very accomplished! Until now, I don’t know why I keep on climbing mountains. All I know that I am sincerely very happy whenever I reach the summit.

Magnificent view at the top of mt. Pamitinan. Photo by DD Abella.

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