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Kawasan Falls of Cebu: The Best of Nature + Adventure


Aris Mape
Aris Mape | Jul 27, 2015

CEBU—This long and narrow stretch of land in Central Visayas is a proven tourism hot spot. From north to south, just about every place in the province has something remarkable to offer; from business to beaches, whalesharks and food and culture, there’s an endless list of reasons to visit this part of the country. In the town of Badian, 130 kilometers southwest of Cebu City, the crowd drawer is a gorgeous waterfalls named Kawasan.



How to Get There
From Cebu City, the bus ride to Barangay Matutinao can take about three hours. If you’re coming from the diving destination of Moalboal, that can be as short as 20 minutes. If you’re coming from Osmeña Peak, a traverse hike into the mountains of Dalaguete and Badian can take about four or six hours. For the adventurous but less of a mountaineer, an hour-long habal-habal ride which passes through parts of Valencia, Alegria, and Compostela can be the quick fix. Be ready to haggle until it gets no higher than P300 for two (they’ve got really long motorcycles good for two people).


An Abundance of Waterfalls
Kawasan has many waterfalls. There are three major waterfalls with their own unique appeal, and on the way up, there are a few other minor waterfalls that also look stunning. The first level is the most photographed of all waterfalls and also the most crowded. The second is also another good spot for fun and swimming. The third is not as tall as the first two, but not less beautiful.

If you have the luxury of time and you want to spend the day in front of a good view, you can rent cottages and tables. Prices starts at P500 for tables and P1500 for cottages. Some rooms are also available for those who want to stay overnight. Although the local restaurant can cook food for you, it is best to bring your own food, as prices here can be a little surprising.


After passing by a number of smaller rapids, you’ll reach what’s called the “second level” (definitely not the second waterfalls). Compared to the first, it’s equally busy here. You can spend your time in the grill if you’re the person who wants to get busy with the barbecue. You can also just enjoy the view and take photos or take a dip in the ice-cold water along with the bottles of Coke being cooled. You can amaze everyone with your best stunt as you swing on a rope and throw yourself midair before that SPLASH, or to make it more fun, jump from the mouth of the waterfalls.


Must-Do Canyoneering
Another fun activity to try in groups is canyoneering. Although it can be extreme for beginners, the whole adventure is fun and may just turn out to be your most unforgettable experience in Cebu. You don’t need to be the best swimmer; that life vest can do the magic in the water. All you really need to go through the “obstacle course” is loads of energy and enthusiasm to survive the challenge.



What Others Say About Kawasan

 Its beauty is overwhelming, its light blue-green pool so clean and calm, its white majestic water cascading like a bride’s wedding veil. It isn’t anything close to ordinary as the locals may have made me assume. What a gem! What an apt reward for a tired traveler. 


PAOLO--Don’t miss the adventure. Bamboo rafts can take visitors directly under and through the falls. While on your bellies, you’ll have that fear in your guts as you go under massive hanging rocks, but that fear goes away as you approach the waterfalls and the water just pounds on your back like a good massage.


CHARICE--I felt the power of the waterfalls when I first saw it. It scared me a bit, thinking I could break my bones or get killed if I go under the falling water. But stronger than that fear was my astonishment by its beauty. I only needed to challenge myself a little and let the fun happen in this famous destination in Cebu.


SHANE–I highly recommend Kawasan Falls for tourists who are looking for different experience with nature. There’s more than one waterfalls in Kawasan, so that gives you a lot of options where to swim. Whatever falls you pick, expect the water to be extra cold. 


JOSEPH--It was a short trek, which took us about 20 minutes with selfies and photoshoot during the walk. The clear water in the river already hinted that we were about to see something unexpected, and to my surprise, it was really beyond expectation. I was totally in awe as I stood before the waterfalls. It was a memorable experience, I’ll give it five stars.


Planning to do canyoneering? Need to know how much a Kawasan experience costs? Read more about Kawasan Falls on "Kawasan Falls: The Best of Nature + Adventure" and "More of Kawasan's Best Kept Secrets" on D'yan lang.

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