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Mt. Pulag: How It Feels Like to Climb Luzon's Highest Mountain


Docto Ban
Docto Ban | Sep 08, 2015


Mount Pulag, the highest mountain in Luzon and third highest all-over the Philippines, is standing proud at 2,922 meters above sea level. Mt. Pulag is consist of 3 main trails: Babadak or Ambangeg which is the easiest path to trek, followed by Tabeyo Trail, and Akiki Trail which is known to be the cardiac or killer trail.

Pulag is consist of three areas, namely: the Pine Forest which is the base of the mountain, second is the Mossy or Rain Forest— a beautiful scenery where trees form a cauliflower-shape from afar. The last stop up the mountain is at the Grass Land, an area where only dwarf bamboo grass grow. Hence, it was called Pulag which derived its name from "PUL-AG," meaning bald or kalbo.


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