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Blueberry, Raspberry and Other Berries Found in Mindanao Mountains

Ida Damo
Ida Damo | Sep 17, 2015
Blueberry, Raspberry and Other Berries Found in Mindanao Mountains

In April this year, Choose Philippines Travel Insider Julius Santos first wrote about raspberries growing in the Philippines.

Called Sampinit in Quezon, Mr. Dion Pullan successfully propagated the plants from the mountains of Quezon and produced the fruit abundantly in Dolores.

Just this August, Berns Flores, a mountaineer from Davao City, went up to Mt. Matutum in South Cotabato and came back with photos of what their guide called “Wild Strawberries”. 

Upon closer inspection, it looked like the raspberries of Quezon and its plant also resembled the thorny shrub of Sampinit.

I showed it to some mountaineer friends and they told me that there are indeed lots of different berries that can be eaten going up the mountains in Mindanao.

Again, I showed them photographs of berries taken by Randy Cañedo in Mt. Apo. 

Indeed these are berries that anyone can gather and eat-- your guide will warn you which berries are edible and which are not. 

All these berries have one thing in common: they taste sour. So next time you climb mountains, check the local flora.  You might just get to taste blueberries and raspberries.

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