Mount Luho: The Beautiful Panoramic View of Boracay Island

mt luho (1)
View from Mt. Luho

Boracay is a small tropical island located in Malay, Aklan. The island that is only 7 kilometers long and less than a kilometer wide at its narrowest point is found on the northwest tip of Panay Island. Boracay is one of the Philippines’ famous islands for tourists around the world.

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mt luho (2)
Watching the kite and wind surfers at Bulabog Beach.

Surely, you’ve been in the beaches but have you ever been to the highest peak of the island?

Boracay’s highest peak is called as Mount Luho. Though it is called as such, it is not difficult to climb the small open deck where you can get a 360 degrees panoramic view of the island.

mt luho (4)
View of the sea and nearby islets at the deck.

The view deck of Mount Luho which stands at about 370 ft. above sea level is located at Brgy. Bolabog. One has to travel a long and winding uphill road but there are available rides that will take visitors to the peak.  The standard chartered rate for a maximum of 4 persons is PhP 300 per hour or PhP 150 for one-way.

mt luho (5)
View of the golf club and resort at the deck.

Brgy. Bolabog is the other side of Boracay known for its water sports activities most especially during the windy season which is from the months of November to April.

mt luho (6)
That’s the Korean-owned deck where they cater groups of Korean tourists.

There are 2 viewing decks at Mount Luho. The first and original one is owned by a Filipino which was built way back in the 1990s. The other is owned by Koreans which was just recently built for groups of foreign touring groups. (Filipinos are welcomed too.)

An entrance fee of PhP 120 per head is collected for the maintenance of the place.

mt luho (7)
Century old wood found at the park

We went to the one owned by a Filipino. Aside from the view deck, the place is also like a small zoo. You’ll find different birds and animals at the park.

mt luho (11)
a fruit bat

There are several monkeys but careful when you’re near them, some are pickpockets.

mt luho (8)

There are also different kinds of birds such as pigeons, crows, owls and an eagle to name a few.

mt luho (9)
Sleepy owls!

There’s also a zipline but we haven’t tried it out since we no longer have enough time. You can ask the tricycle driver about it before your trip to Mount Luho so that they can arrange a special package for you. They are given incentives every time they bring a customer. Not only that you’ll be enjoying the activities but you know that you’re also helping them earn some extra income.

mt luho (10)

By the way, if you forgot to bring your own camera, there’s a staff that can take your photos and print it out for a minimal price.

mt luho (3)

When in Boracay, don’t just stay at the beach. There are still many places to explore. Go up and see the beautiful panoramic view of the island at Mount Luho!

How to Get There

From Manila, you can fly to Caticlan Airport (estimated cost of PhP9,200++, round trip, 45-50 minutes).


From the Caticlan Airport, a van ride will only take you 5 minutes going to the Caticlan Jetty Port. A pumpboat ride from the Caticlan port to Boracay port will take at about 15 minutes.

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