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Size Doesn't Matter: A Trip to an Active Crater


Ryan Real
Ryan Real | Mar 16, 2016
Size Doesn't Matter: A Trip to an Active Crater

Taal Volcano,Talisay, Batangas.

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Taal Volcano is known for being the smallest active volcano in the world and has recorded several violent eruptions. It has an island situated on an island within a lake within an island called the Vulcan Point. Sounds confusing but that is how the island is geologically situated. It is also one of the volcanoes surrounding the Pacific Ocean known as the Pacific Ring of Fire.

It was in the year 1977 where it showed its last violent eruption although it has produced seismic activities in the past decades. It has attracted a lot of people for them to set foot on the crater itself, thus, we decided to experience it ourselves.

It was somehow a spontaneous trip since it was planned only a day before we departed. We left Manila early in the morning and took us about 2 hours before we reached Talisay, Batangas. After haggling for the fees with one of the locals, we headed to our boat and the boat ride took us about 40 minutes for us the reach the jump-off point.

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We took the Secret Trail and It takes about 30-45 minutes depending on your pace for you to reach the crater. One does not have to be a professional mountaineer to be able to conquer this volcano. It has an easy trail  but a bit dusty.

As we reached the crater, the huge lake will welcome you and you can even dip yourselves into it. As you go further, you'll start to smell the scent of the sulfur reaching to a somehow barren site.

You'll be able to see and feel the steam as you walk over that site along with the sulfuric fumes. You'll also get to see spots where liquids are on its boiling point and you can even boil an egg.

It was a short but fun trip. Remember to bring enough water since you will be needing a lot of it. Food and drinks may be available in the crater but expect the price to be way expensive so you better prepare the stuff you need before you start the trip.

Watch the amazing video below: 

Taal Volcano from Ryan Real on Vimeo.

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