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Dong Ho
Dong Ho | Jul 20, 2013

like all the other province in the Philippines, there are always hidden gems to discover. when taking the road to Sagada from Baguio, make a left turn when you reach the town of Tambingan. from here, panoramic view will be awesome as you reach the town of Tadian. the most imposing view would be Mt. Mogao or also known as Mt. Clitoris because of its form.

trekking would require following the trail down the valley and zigzag road up to the small village of Cagubatan. from there, it will be a short climb up the peak where you will get a panoramic 360 degree view of the valley and the nearby villages. i would say, the view from there is one of the best I've seen so far in Mountain Province.

how to get there: from Manila, take a bus to Baguio. then take a van or a chicken bus to Abatan via the Halsema Highway (North of Baguio going to Sagada). from Abatan, take another van going to Cervantes/Tadian. take a tricycle or a motorcycle to drop you off at the Mt. Mogao trail. for non-trekking people, the motorcycle can actually bring you up to the village of Cagubatan. from there, it's just a short climb to the peak of Mt. Mogao.

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