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A Magnificent Sea Over Tanay, Rizal


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Choose Philippines | Jul 15, 2016
A Magnificent Sea Over Tanay, Rizal

When you hear "sea," surely the first thing you imagine is any of the Philippines' many beautiful and bountiful beaches, like the one in Boracay, Cebu, or Palawan. These beaches and oceans are the Philippines' finest, and are rightly considered to be the world's most beautiful.

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However, high up in the mountains of Tanay, Rizal, you can find an ocean that is unlike any other, and that ocean is made not up of water, but of clouds.

Submitted by Travel Insider Kel Escueta, the magnificent view is a timelapse video atop the two famous mountains of Tanay: namely Mt. Cayabu and Mt. Maynoba. Kel Escueta, who did a twin hike going up both mountains, captured this magnificent view showing the undulations and gentle waves of clouds as they fly above, being pushed calmly by the wind. It's enough to take your breath away, or at least, keep you calm throughout the traffic going home! Watch the magnificent video here:


Special thanks to Kel Escueta for sharing such a wonderful and ethereal clip to Choose Philippines!

Was this calming for you? Share with us your other relaxing travels around the Philippines!

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