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The Most Perfect Cone in The World? This Unique Volcano in The Philippines Could Very Well Be!


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Choose Philippines | Sep 23, 2016
The Most Perfect Cone in The World? This Unique Volcano in The Philippines Could Very Well Be!

Many have said that perfection is an impossibility. Perhaps, especially if it were through human means. However, when one looks at nature, it’s simple to see that whatever Mother Nature had decided to create, more often than not, it equates to the human definition of what perfection is.

One fine example of this perfection can be seen in Albay, amidst the fiery plains of Bicol.

Photo by Lorenz Roi Morales

The Mayon Volcano has been the subject of many stories, legends, and myths since time immemorial. Her symmetry and perfect conical shape has captivated the hearts and imaginations of both Filipino and foreigner who were lucky enough to gaze upon her magnificence. In fact, Choose Philippines and our many Pilipinas Wanderers love her so much, we have a plethora of articles, ranging from how to get there, to activities you can do, as well as sample itineraries to follow.

It’s simply impossible to visit Bicol, specifically Albay, without taking a photo with or of the beautiful volcano. And so, one traveler by the name of Lorenz Roi Morales did just that, and has shared with us a truly beautiful photo that captures the essence of Mayon’s perfection.

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