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Choose Philippines | Oct 24, 2016

Choose Philippines honors the places that made you fall in love at first sight. Breathtakingly beautiful with its rich biodiversity and unique charm, this destination leaves a lasting impression. Its warm people and distinctive culture keep you looking forward to your next visit. Vote now for the Top 5 Best Destination for Mountains & Volcanoes Category.

Photo by Maui Sanvictores

Banaue Rice Terraces

Stroll along the breathtaking expanse of the eight wonder of the world. Behind every step curved on the mountain are diligent, persevering and creative souls reflective of how Filipinos are at heart.

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Photo by Maui Sanvictores

Kalbong Bundok (Mt. Pulag)

Have a lovely cup of fresh coffee at Luzon's highest peak. View the stars sparkle in the dark sky and awake at dawn to wait for the sunrise. It will be one of the highlights of your life.

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Photo by Lyka Fay Naron

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

At the Northwestern tip of Ilocos Norte, you will be astounded to see these marvelous limestone formations which came about due to decades of combined oceanic and weather forces.

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Photo by Teejay Cab

Mayon Volcano

Despite its destructive history way back 1814, Mayon Volcano remains to be a natural wonder, attracting both local and foreign tourists.

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Photo by Maui Sanvictores

Mt. Pinatubo

Decades after its eruption, Mt. Pinatubo is still one of the most hiked places nearest to the Metro. Tourists go there to see the beautiful "caldera" or crater lake at the summit.

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