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Mt. Hapunang Banoi: Marvel At Sierra Madre From Rizal's Second Highest Point


Daryl Orillo
Daryl Orillo | Jun 13, 2017

Mt. Hapunang Banoi is located in Rodriguez, Rizal. It is the second highest mountain found in the Rodriguez, standing at a petite (compared to other mountains in the Philippines) 517 meters above sea level.

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Like both Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Binacayan, Hapunang Banoi features limestone scrambling that will definitely test your rock climbing skills. Despite that, however, the mountain is still considered by seasoned mountaineers as an easy climb. In fact, most would suggest this particular mountain—as well as the few others near it—as the perfect hike for mountain climbing newbies. It will require 2-3 hours climb to reach the summit, an easy feat compared to the Philippines other more difficult mountains.

Along the way, you'll witness a spectacular view of the Sierra Madre mountain range as well as the town of Rodriguez. If you  want to learn more about this beautiful—and easy—mountain, watch the video above and see the magnificence of this mountain for yourself. For more videos like this, subscribe to Daryl's youtube channel, and check out the other mountains in the videos below: 

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