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11 Must-Try Things To Do In Sagada: Offerings For The Soul Searching Wanderers

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Kaiser Mangampo
Kaiser Mangampo | Dec 04, 2017

“Where do broken hearts goooo?” They go to Sagada! But on a more serious note, Sagada is a place that everyone should see no matter what their heart feels. It can heal the broken and fulfill the satisfied. In every corner of your eye, there is something beautiful to see and exciting to experience. Find out the best Sagada Tour Package you should take. This is your must-see and must-experience list.

Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave

Looking to challenge the dare-devil side of you? Spelunking is an activity that only the brave can handle. And in Sagada, Sumaguing Cave is the place to go to when you want to do spelunking. It’s difficult terrain will not make you want to quit, but instead, it will make you want to finish it even more.

Lumiang Cave Burial Site

Once again not for the faint hearted. By its name, you can expect to see a lot of beautifully preserved and well-kept coffins found in this area. How is this beautiful you may ask? Well, it is because it a part of the culture, the past of Sagada. Appreciate the organization put into it and as well as its interesting history.

Hike to Bomod-ok Falls

Bomod-ok Falls and the hike getting to it is a one of a kind experience. The route to the falls itself gives you a lot of interesting and beautiful sights that is unique to the area. This route makes you appreciate the different sides of the beauty Sagada has. And once you get to Bomod-ok Falls, you may actually wish you will never leave. It is so breathtaking that you would feel lost in it while you are there.

Learn the history behind the Hanging Coffins

History can be learnt through travelling, and a good way of doing so is by stopping by at the hanging coffins of Sagada. It is interesting to learn about the reasons why ancestors of the area have chosen to this type of burial instead of the traditional one and how have they maintained such organization after how many years. Wouldn’t it be nice if all history classes could be learnt through travelling?

Witness the sunrise above the clouds at Mt. Kiltepan

Heaven on earth is an understatement at Mt. Kiltepan. Seeing the sun cast its sunlight through the clouds near the mountain is a view that takes your breath away. Whether you’re a broken hearted person or a person in love you will surely fall in love with Mt. Kiltepan. The sweat and the fatigue of hiking it will all be worth it.

Visit Ganduyan Museum and learn the rich history of Sagada

Beauty is best understood and appreciated once you learn about its history. Sagada is beautiful because of its rich history and it would be a waste to miss out on learning about it, so the best place to learn the past of Sagada is by going to Ganduyan Museum. Ganduyan Museum has a lot of artefacts that are a sight to see.

Watch the art of Sagada weaving

For more than 50 years, the products created by Sagada weaving have enticed natives and foreigners that visit Sagada. It is not only because of its great quality but also because of the intricate designs and patterns that many consider them as master piece.

Visit the Episcopal Church, Sagada Cemetery and Echo Valley

These places are popular for three common reasons: beauty, architecture and release. The beauty is outstanding, architecture is well-crafted, and by release we mean, this is the perfect place to release all your frustrations.

Witness Sunset at Lake Danum

Sunsets are amazing but watching the sunset at Lake Danum is some other thing that seems out of this world. It looks incredible, serene and peaceful. You would feel one with nature. The view will make you feel like you have no problem at all.

Orange Picking (seasonal)

This activity is seasonal but if you do get to visit Sagada during this season, don’t miss the opportunity of picking an orange for yourself or you can bring home some to your family. They taste divine and smell fantastic. Plus, it’s healthy!

Visit Pottery House

Weaving is not the only craft perfected by natives of Sagada; pottery created here are as ones to appreciate as well. Its intricacy and its refinement make it a popular souvenir for those who can carry pottery back home.

Get the Sagada Tour Package that showcases the true beauty of Sagada. Make both your heart and your eyes happy.

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