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Reach Greater Heights With Mt. Apo's Unbelievable Summit

Davao del Sur

Yua Dominguez
Yua Dominguez | Sep 13, 2018
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The highest mountain in the Philippines can be found in the southern most part of Mindanao. Mt. Apo with an elevation of 2, 956 above sea level is the most prominent mountain to date. Make your way to Mr. President’s hometown- Davao, and climb Mt. Apo’s unique trail of lush forests and exhilarating boulders. 

It is every mountaineer’s dream to scale the topmost peak in the country. The journey before reaching the summit can be exasperating yet fulfilling at the same time. It consists of hours and days of pure hard work and persistence. However, you will totally forget about the gruelling trip once you made it to the summit!

Nearby Destinations

  • Upon descending Mt. Apo, you can stop by and take a break at the nearby hotspring
  • Ask your guide about the waterfalls within the vicinity

How To Go Here

  • There are numerous flights heading to Davao International Airport
  • Head to the tourism office for registration and instructions
  • Your guide will usher you during your hike to Mt. Apo
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