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Guide To Mt. Parker: Mending A Broken Heart & Exploring Lake Holon's Immeasurable Depth

South Cotabato

Alecka Vien Favila
Alecka Vien Favila | Mar 15, 2018

It was my second time to visit Mt. Parker—also known as Lake Holon—and it made me appreciate it more.

Before you can see this kind of view, you have to climb at least 3 hours from the base. Really tiring but obviously, it is worth it. How to get here?

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I was eager to go on an adventure after a heartbreak. I wanted to relax. I craved for fresh air, and to meet new people. This was the right time to climb and see for the second time this beautiful lake. We booked a tour package at Inato Travel and Tours for only Php 1,000. Very affordable for the 2 days tour plus food! We were scheduled for the climb on July 25-26, 2016. Unexpected things happen once in a while and I was upset the day before our climb. My upset stomach turned around, and I was able to pursue this climb.

Day 1. I never got to sleep since I was busy taking care of my older sister, yet I had still had to leave by 5 AM. From General Santos City, we traveled 1 hour to Koronadal City to pick up the other joiners of the tour. And from Koronadal city, we traveled again, 45 minutes to 1 hour to T’boli South Cotabato Tourism department for our list of attendance. We also had the chance to buy stuff we needed at their market. From their tourism office, we traveled again for 2 hours going to Salacafe, where our drop off was. We then had our lunch at Salacafe and got some time to relax.


Sumptuous lunch

Ready for takeoff! After lunch and some rest, we then headed to Kule Trail. From Salacafe, we rode a Habal-habal for only Php 70 per person. Each habal-habal can accommodate 2-3 person plus your baggage.But then we arrived safe and sound. Kudos to our driver!




If you want to climb without carrying your bags, you can request for a porter. They will be weighing your bags and it cost Php 20 per kilo one way only. It is one of their ways to earn money. Walking starts here.






Along the way, you can see different flowers and plants and even insects that you can’t find in the city.


2 hours later. Fantastic view of Lake Holon from the view deck of Kule Trail. So relaxing. So amazing.


It's just so relaxing that after a rough and tiring climb, you see this kind of attraction. All I can say is WOW! Just WOW! After some photos, selfies and groufies, it was time to go down to meet the lake personally. Local guides will meet you at the end of the trail and will be riding a steamboat to the tent grounds. 




The water is cold. Literally cold.

Tents are raised. Sun goes down. Beers up! All you can hear are laughter and stories. Dinner was served. Games were played. Stars were brightly shining. After a tiring day, finally, a good night. But, you will be waking up in the middle of the night. The cold weather and the cold air surrounds the place. It's freezing cold. The next morning?


Haven’t seen the sunrise since we’re all sleeping soundly. But it’s another day and we’re ready to take another walk.

Breakfast at the tent. Fish spa at the lake.







Time to take off! No goodbyes. Just see you again!



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