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Reach The Clouds On Mt. Ulap


Reach The Clouds On Mt. Ulap
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Mt. Ulap was opened to the public last October 2015. It gained popularity among travelers and  hikers because of the scenic views overlooking the beautiful Cordilleras, Mt. Sto. Tomas and Philex Mines.

Seeing my friends post about Mt. Ulap on social media made me want to hike the mountain too. So I woke up early one day , put on my hiking gear, and prepared enough food and water to last me for the day.  I was ready to conquer Mt. Ulap and I brought my friends along to join the adventure. 

A  jeepney took us to the Barangay Hall where the registration for the trail takes place. Upon registration, they assigned us our tour guide, Elvira. 



The starting point of the trail will truly test your endurance. It is a combination of rocky roads, grasslands and concrete ways. The first view you will see is an over view of Baguio City and Mt. Sto. Tomas which I trekked a few years ago.


After 30 minutes of hiking we felt tired. We needed a place to rest before climbing the next uphill assaults and narrow trails.  We saw some rock formations and rested there for a while.


We enjoyed the cold breeze and the wind on our faces. After an hour hike through the pine forests, we saw a clear view. It was beautiful!



I really liked this part of the hike. The weather was perfect!

We also saw a more captivating view of Mt. Sto. Tomas.

(Photo: Mt. Sto. Tomas in the background)


Hiking farther (approximately 2 hours), we saw Philex Mines and the dam.


And at last we reached our destination! It was 1814 meters above sea level. The view was worth it.


Fun fact: This rock is called the “Gungal Rock”. Elvira said that the star was from the Japanese colonizers which represents that there were hidden treasures at that place.

Mt. Ulap is really amazing! It's a place for you to enjoy and appreciate nature's  treasures.

Travel Details:

1.Jeepney to Mt. Ulap = P24.00 (Student)

2. Registration fee = 100 pesos per head

3. Local Guide Fee (1 guide: 7 persons)

Dayhike = 600.00
Overnight Camping = 1,000.00

4. Campsite fee (Overnight Camping for group of 10 persons and below) = 800.00

5. Porter fee (OPTIONAL)

Dayhike = 500.00
Overnight Camping = 800.00

You need to reserve a slot prior to your hike. The number of hikers will be limited to 150 individuals on weekdays. For weekends and holidays, the limit will be 500 individuals.

To reserve a slot, you can book here 

For more details, you may also visit their Facebook page here


"Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time. Leave nothing but footprints."




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