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In Burgos, Ilocos Norte, a Cheaper, Local Alternative to Bali

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Choose Philippines | Feb 03, 2020

Story by Dianne Dy


Do you want to visit Bali, Indonesia and experience the famous Bali vibes but is hampered by a tight budget? Worry no more! You can get your fix in Burgos, Ilocos Norte, where a farm delivers an experience that will make you feel like you are in Bali.

Photo courtesy of Lemuel Salvador

Virra farm is located in the mountainous part in the town of Burgos, an hour and a half drive away from Laoag City, making a perfect place to unwind from the busyness of urban life. According to the owner, Engr. Allan Pedro Sr., the farm served as their family rest house. “The weather is cold all year round, especially in the summer. I always bring my family here during those times so that we could feel the cold breeze,” he states.

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In November 2019, they decided to share these beautiful views and open it to the public. The idea came from the owner’s son, Allan John Pedro III. “My dream is to go to Bali. It is one of the places that I’d love to visit. Unfortunately, it didn't happen this year. So, I thought, why not bring Bali to Ilocos instead,” he states.

Photo courtesy of Lemuel Salvador

Today, visitors and tourists can take pictures of the two beautifully crafted Balinese inspired, human-sized bird’s nest. More of these attractions will be added this summer. Aside from the Instagrammable Bali nest, you can also swim at a water spring pool located at the top of the mountain. The farm also offers glamping, bonfire, ATV ride, hiking and trekking to Kaangrian falls. They also have Cabanas featuring a private swimming pool for a more intimate and enjoyable space.

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To enjoy the full experience, it is advisable to call ahead for reservations.“Before we accept visitors, we ensure that the place is fully prepared for them, that’s why as much as possible we don’t allow walk-ins,” Pedro III adds.

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